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Episode 6


Nov 04, 2021
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Episode 6 Triggering Emotions

Triggering emotions is one of the oldest and most successful marketing tactics around. We see it every day from global advertisers – John Lewis Christmas Ads, McDonalds posters and those pesky banner ads that leave you wanting more. Yet when it comes to marketing for L&D, it’s something the industry seems to steer well clear of. But in doing so, L&D are hampering the effectiveness of their marketing comms. And it’s time that stopped.

The truth is, 31% of advertisers report significant profit gains with emotional campaigns. Yet only 16% report the same with rational campaigns. Yep, your quick mental maths is right – you could be getting two times higher performance by building emotions into your communications. Imagine the impact that would have on your learning efforts!

In this podcast, Ash explains how and why you should trigger emotions in your learning communications, including:

  • The emotions you can trigger beyond happiness (yep, there’s more than just happy and sad – how about fear for example?)

  • Why you shouldn’t shy away from triggering negative emotions in marketing for learning.

  • How triggering emotions can boost learner engagement in your organisation.

So sit down, grab a notepad and pen (there will be a lot of inspo in this one!) and enjoy!

Oh, and while we’re here… here’s the full emotion spectrum that Ash discusses in the podcast:

Wheel of Emotions

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