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Marketing for the world of learning

Branding for learning

Want to take control of the narrative of your L&D function and dispel assumptions about learning? Then you need a brand.

But branding is more than a logo or a splash of colour. It’s about how you make people feel. It’s the words, feelings and emotions they think of when they think about what you’re selling (yep, you’re selling your learning to them!) Our marketing experts are here to help you create a learning brand that really packs a punch.

Learning campaigns

Raising awareness of your learning programmes requires much, much more than just a single email. To truly get engagement, change habits and shift behaviour, you need to keep front of mind and consistently connect with your people. That’s where campaigns come in. Whether you’re in launch mode or want to change your learning culture, our bespoke learning campaigns improve your brand, drive wider learning adoption and maximise success. Less bluster, more muster.

In-house marketing support

Perhaps your vision is bigger than your team can currently deliver (which is great). Keep dreaming big and let our marketing experts be an extension of your L&D team. Whether you lack time to create and curate content or want support when implementing learning campaigns, we’ve got you. After all, that’s what MAAS stands for: marketing as a service. We understand learning and are here to help when you need us most.

Enablement workshops

Want to know how to make people move and take action? Fancy learning how to create and compose compelling emails? If you’d like your team to hone their marketing and communication skills, our workshops are ideal. Upskill and develop foundational marketing skills with experts who’ve lived and learned in the field of marketing. Whatever your ability, we deliver tangible outcomes which evolve and enhance skillsets. Snazzy.

Digital marketing for vendors

We’re marketing experts and we know what works to differentiate and get attention for your brand. Whether you want a global marketing strategy or just someone to help you create some new lead generation content, we’ve done it all. From branding to ABM campaigns and social media management, we help you realise your business goals in whatever way you need. We’re flexible y’see, because you need us to be.

Content strategy

Everyone’s drowning in content and nobody’s really satisfied. To make sense of it all, you need a content strategy. But where do you start? Our marketing experience means we’ve built more content strategies than we care to count, which (we hope) has helped us learn a thing or two. Working with you, we’ll develop an outcomes-focused content strategy designed to improve impact and increase engagement. And we can even put it into action for you, if you’re into that.

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Adding Value

It’s what we do. Everyone’s looking at the bottom line and your budgets are squeezed; getting more out of what you’ve got has never been more pertinent. So, how do you do that? We help you to shift your focus towards being more efficient, more impactful and more valuable to your business using marketing thinking. Which makes you look awesome. Which then makes us look good too. Nice.

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