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Episode 32


Oct 04, 2022
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Ep 32 Truth about trust

Does your audience trust you? Do they have a relationship with your learning brand? In fact… Do they even know who you are? Well in this podcast, Ash drops some truth bombs about the importance of trust in L&D.

In order to build trust in learning and development, you must demonstrate that you can be trusted (duh!). That includes showing that your learning team is competent, that your content is best-in-class and that you’re targeting your audience's needs, wants and pain points.

But why does this matter? Well let’s be frank, without trust you’re going to struggle getting your people engaged with your learning offering. But have no fear, in this podcast Ash is sharing her top tips for building trust with your audience, including:

  • Providing social proof of your competence, through case studies and learning advocates.

  • Creating a culture of feedback and accountability between yourself and your learners.

  • Clearly demonstrating how you are meeting your audience’s needs – and how your learning will help them.

Happy listening!


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