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Episode 23


Jun 08, 2022
hosted by Hannah Clark
Ep 23 Messaging in branding

What comes to mind when you think about branding? Colours? Logos? Images? What about messaging?

Messaging is the often-forgotten, but extremely important element of branding that is critical to marketing for learning. But when we look at the world around us, we identify brands by their tone of voice all the time. Think Innocent Smoothies or McDonald’s. Or perhaps Apple or BMW. Hey – you might even think of us crazy kids here at MAAS. So why do we so quickly overlook it in our L&D brands?

In this podcast, Han discusses the importance of messaging in branding. Including how:

  • Understanding your target audience is the basis of your brand and particularly your messaging.

  • Your tone of voice affects how your target audience (cough: learners) interpret your brand.

  • A brand promise impacts your brand identity and how it should be conveyed in every interaction with your target audience.

Crammed full of real-life examples, this podcast is a great listen and will inspire you to pay attention to your messaging, once and for all.


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