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Episode 5

The 4 P's in marketing for learning®

Oct 21, 2021
hosted by Hannah Waddams
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In this podcast we’re going to delve into some marketing theory: The 4 P’s of marketing, also known as the marketing mix. The marketing mix is a fundamental element of marketing, and allows marketers to be strategic in their thinking – making sure we’re covering the full spectrum of marketing goodness through our strategies. The 4 P’s are:

  • Product

  • Place

  • Promotion

  • Price

And looking at these words in isolation, you probably think they have absolutely nothing to do with learning. But the reality is different. These four elements have the ability to help L&D professionals change their way of thinking about learning awareness, engagement and promotion.

In L&D our product is our learning, the place is your learning platform (or maybe even your training room!), promotion is how we engage people and price… Well, the price our people are paying in L&D is usually their time. Each of these elements have a big impact on engagement with, and the efficacy of, your learning offering. In this podcast, Han explores (with examples!) how you should be considering the 4 P’s of your L&D function.

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