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Episode 27


Aug 26, 2022
hosted by Hannah Waddams
Ep 27 Mini Masters Mindset

Have you heard about our Marketing for L&D masterclass? No? Oh well you’re missing out! But have no fear, Han’s here to give you a little taster of the masterclass in this podcast (and the next 3!) First up: marketing mindset.

Join Han in her latest podcast as she divulges the secret to achieving a truly impactful function: having a marketing mindset. Yep, you read that right. A marketing mindset has the power to transform your L&D function.

But what does having a marketing mindset mean? Well it’s all about putting the end user at the centre of everything you do, whether it's designing a product, service, or in the case of L&D, a learning intervention. It involves focusing on the learners' wants and needs, and designing learning interventions that are engaging, effective, and aligned with the organisation's goals. Plus, it means being a bit more commercially aware than L&D are usually comfortable with. We need to understand the impact our learning interventions have on the wider organisation, and how we can contribute to achieving organisational goals.

So, if you’re ready to transform your thinking and boost the efficacy of your L&D function, get this podcast in your ear’oles now!


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