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Episode 13

L'Oréal's Learning Culture

Feb 04, 2022
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Caroline Fitzpatrick L Oreal 1

What does it really take to establish a proactive learning culture? Ashley was lucky enough to sit and discuss just that with Caroline Fitzpatrick who is the Senior People Development and Learning Manager at L’Oréal UK & I. Part of a highly productive, proactive team of six, Caroline shares how the L&D function at L’Oréal have adopted a marketing mindset with their communication efforts and are utilising over eighteen marketing channels. Eighteen! She provides loads of tips, hacks and tactics which you could easily adopt in your own function today!

In this podcast Caroline and I discuss:

  • The focus of L’Oréal’s learning function, and how the team’s focus isn’t on what they offer, but why they offer it.

  • The marketing tactics LOréal’s L&D team have successfully implemented

  • The impact of ‘learnfluencers’ in L’Oréal’s strategy – proving influencer marketing isn’t just for B2B brands.

L’Oréal is doing marketing for learning® and getting amazing results too. This success has been so great that the L’Oréal team was shortlisted in the 2022 LPI Learning Awards in the ‘Learning Culture’ category.

If you want to find out more, feel free to connect with Caroline on LinkedIn.

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