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Episode 56


Aug 10, 2023
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Episode 56 FOMO

FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out. We’ve all had it. Having that worry we are missing an exciting opportunity or not doing something everyone else is. Your learners might even have it - and we should lean into that with our marketing for learning® initiatives

In today's podcast Ash explores the psycho-science behind FOMO, effective use of loss aversion psychology, and the importance of not avoiding negative emotions.

This episode, Ash delves into:

  • How we can use negative emotions such as FOMO within campaign initiatives and comms to generate more engagement with our learning.

  • The idea that pain avoidance can be more motivating than pleasure gains.

  • A key campaign example from Tiktok that highlights how effective the use of FOMO can be.

Happy listening!


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