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Episode 4

How to create a learning campaign

Oct 21, 2021
MAAS Services Learning Comms Plans
hosted by Ash & Han
Learning campaigns

As a learning professional, you probably spend a lot of time designing interventions that encourage your learners to consistently practise and apply new skills to encourage long-term behavioural change. So it’s clear that you already know the importance of building a habit. So why is this concept so often overlooked when it comes to learning communications?

All too often we see L&D teams advertising their offering with one standalone email and expecting uptake in their learning offering to skyrocket. (Breaking news: This doesn’t work!) Instead, if you want to create real engagement with your learning proposition, you need to consistently communicate with your audience, create intrigue and grab their attention. And that’s where learning campaigns step in.

Learning campaigns consistently present a message to your learners over a period of time. They plant seeds in your learners’ minds and remind them that there’s a resource they can utilise, from a team they can trust. And for this reason, learning campaigns aren’t necessarily about getting your audience to take action immediately – like logging in to your learning platform, for example. Instead, they’re about creating brand awareness for your L&D offering.

In this podcast Ash and Han team up to explain and discuss learning campaigns. They spill all their secrets about creating learning campaigns that really work – setting you on your way to kick-start your marketing initiatives with a campaign of your own.

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