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Episode 9

Learner Personas

Dec 13, 2021
hosted by Hannah Waddams
Learner personas podcast

Who are your learners and what do they really want? What grinds their gears, what keeps them up at night? If we want our marketing for learning® efforts (and indeed our learning) to be as effective as it can be, we need to better understand our audience. And that’s where learner personas come in.

A learner persona is a semi-fictional representation of your learners, combining market research, qualitative and quantitative feedback from employees and some assumptions to provide L&D teams with an actionable audience segment designed to improve both learning design and communication approaches.

To get the most out of your personas you need to:

  • Research and investigate your target audience. Use qualitative and quantitative feedback within this!

  • Make some assumptions (based on your research) about your target audience – yep, you need to include assumptions too. Trust us, it’s okay!

  • Build out your persona and use it to influence your next marketing for learning initiative

  • Test, test and test again!

  • Iterate and evolve your personas over time – people change right? So your personas should too!

In this episode, Han dives into detail about the how and why of learner personas, so use this episode to create your own! You won't regret it!

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