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Episode 31

The importance of learner personas at Expedia Group

Sept 07, 2022
hosted by Hannah Waddams
Elvira Ampt Expedia

If you’ve listened to any of our podcasts, read our blogs or followed either Ash or Han on LinkedIn – you’d have heard us talk about learner personas. A learner persona is a semi-fictional representation of your target audience. We've absolutely borrowed (stolen) these from our friends in marketing who have buyer personas, but in learning, we talk about learner personas. Duh.

But this isn’t another podcast of us explaining learner personas to you. Instead it’s a special guest episode, with Elvira Ampt, Senior Community Manager - Manager Development, at Expedia Group. Elvira has worked hard on creating personas for her target audience at Expedia Group and in this podcast, she shares her top takeaways of the process with us. Including:

  • How and why the leadership development team created four personas for their target audience of 3,000 people. (Yep, 3,000 were distilled into just 4 personas. Wowsers.)

  • The research methods used to learn more about the leaders at Expedia Group – including what worked, and what didn’t!

  • How her personas have helped in their marketing communications, including answering the all important “what’s in it for me?” question.

So, we’ll stop talking now, and let you settle in and listen to this truly inspiring podcast. Enjoy!

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