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Episode 43


Feb 28, 2023
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Ep 43 Engagement Essentials

Learner engagement is an age-old challenge in L&D. We’re on a constant quest to improve our engagement rates, and finally we’re making headway. With the powers of marketing for learning®, L&D is communicating better and demonstrating the benefits of learning to their people.

But the truth is, marketing won’t fix a bad learning experience. And unless all the essentials are in place, you won’t improve learner engagement with marketing, no matter how hard you try.

In this podcast Ash explores the essentials needed to boost engagement, including:

  • Making time and space for learners to learn.

  • Learning experiences that are cohesive and unified.

  • Relevance of learning to the individual and their role.

So if you’re scratching your head about why your engagement rates aren’t improving, this podcast might be the source of inspiration you need. Happy listening!


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