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L&D's awareness problem

Sept 07, 2021
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hosted by Ashley Sinclair
L Ds awareness problem

Let’s start with a simple question: Does a L&D have an engagement problem? You probably hear about learning engagement all the time. In fact, you’re probably talking about learner engagement all the time… How do we get our Learners engaged? How do we get them on our learning platform? How do we get them to consume our learning and change their behaviour and their performance as a consequence?

Yes, in some cases, we do have an engagement problem. We do indeed have issues with legacy learning content and defunct learning platforms. But in many cases, I would suggest that there’s a deeper problem lurking and that is a distinct lack of awareness amongst your employees with regards to the learning that you offer.

And that is why we need marketing for learning. Nothing will ever be effective in learning without awareness. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, how many new shiny things you introduce, or how much technology is involved in your proposition if your learners don’t know it exists.

Fundamentally, generating awareness should be your primary focus.

So, how do we raise awareness? Well, I wouldn’t be doing this podcast, giving so much away on LinkedIn or working with our clients, if I didn’t believe marketing is key to unlocking success in learning. There is so much untapped potential within L&D, but you’re doing yourself such an injustice by not taking the time to raise awareness of your learning, continuously and consistently. The reality of the situation is if we keep doing what we’re doing, nothing’s going to change, right? So in this podcast I talk more about L&D’s awareness problem and how you can overcome it with marketing tactics.

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