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Episode 26


Aug 12, 2022
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
EP 26 Laura Overton

L&Ders, listen up! In this podcast Ash is joined by industry stalwart, Laura Overton, to discuss the shift in mindset our industry needs to accelerate forward. Laura has been pushing the marketing for learning agenda for 20 years’ now, and has a unique insight on how using marketing thinking and tactics will transform learning and development.

In this podcast, Ash and Laura discuss a multitude of marketing and learning topics, including:

  • How high-performing L&D teams embrace marketing thinking, such as putting the learner first, being empathetic to their audience and partnering with other business functions.

  • The influence L&D has on business, and how L&Ders can better demonstrate this with ROI and other metrics that really matter.

  • Experimenting with emotions in learning communications, particularly negative emotions, to get learners engaged.

This is truly an incredible conversation about our industry, what’s changed in the last 20 years, and sadly, what hasn’t. It's jam-packed full of insights, and it's absolutely certain to get you interested in how you can create more actionable insights from your marketing strategies within learning. Enjoy!


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