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Episode 57

L&D Communication: Stop Adding To The Noise

Aug 18, 2023
hosted by Hannah Waddams

Feel like your people have too many messages thrown their way? Struggling to work out how you can cut through the noise and grab attention? Then this ep is for you!

Marketing for learning® should be holistic and broad – focused on getting your people involved with learning as a whole, rather than on a programme-by-programme basis. And in this episode, Han discusses how you can do this, without adding to the information overload your people are already facing daily, with the hum, sing, shout method.

HUM Content: This is the "always on" brand marketing that promotes the entire learning offering. It could include success stories, testimonials, and messages about personal development and career growth. This content must span the entire marketing strategy duration.

SING Content: These are targeted campaigns that focus on specific topics or skills, for example, leadership development. These topics of course have a lot of skills that sit underneath them. But they are more tailored and align with the interests of the target audience. You should spread your ‘sing’ content out across the duration of your strategy.

SHOUT Content: This is the one big, resource-intensive message that grabs attention throughout your strategy. It's a cornerstone message, and typically, in L&D, it’s timed around specific organisational events or initiatives. But JFYI: Only one SHOUT content piece is recommended within a 12-month strategy.

Wanna learn more? Well get a brew, your headphones and listen in!


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