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Episode 22


May 30, 2022
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Ep 22 LD not AE

What would happen if your L&D team was scrapped tomorrow? Would your organisation crumble to the ground? Probably not. But that’s the mindset that many L&Ders have. We think we’re an essential function of the organisation and it couldn’t possibly survive without us. But other departments don’t feel the same. In this podcast Ash digs into the mindset L&D has about their importance in organisations, and the limitations of operating with this mindset.

To make an impact and influence the wider organisation, L&D professionals need to take a more commercial approach and look at how they can affect the business's overall success. It’s time to start aligning our strategies to organisational objectives and learner’s needs. For example, training programmes should focus on closing skill gaps and addressing challenges like the great resignation, which can have a real, significant impact on the organisation's success.

In this podcast Ash explores if now is the time for L&D to start challenging themselves and proving their value to the organisation. And the impact that will have on overall outcomes and the business impact L&D can achieve. Happy listening!


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