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Episode 40


Feb 13, 2023
hosted by Hannah Waddams
Ep 40 Friend or Foe

In this podcast, Han delves into one of the biggest challenges faced by L&Ders - the internal comms team. Are they friend or foe? With a purpose that seems similar to L&D's, why is there often such a barrier to collaboration?

The internal comms team is responsible for informing and engaging employees in a way that maximises their performance and delivers the business strategy most effectively. So why, when it comes to collaboration between L&D and Internal Comms, are there so many barriers that seem to get in the way?

In this podcast, Han explores:

  • The relationship between L&D and the internal comms team and the reasons why collaboration can be challenging.

  • How branding and marketing L&D within the organisation can help to build better relationships and foster a culture of learning.

  • The impact of learner sentiment on the internal comms team.

And like always, this podcast is full of tactical tips and tricks to help you improve your L&D function today, so Han shares her tips on how you can better collaborate with other organisational business units. Enjoy!


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