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Episode 64

How To Use Personas In Your L&D Function

Oct 23, 2023
MAAS Services Learning Comms Plans
hosted by Ash & Han

Double bubble... toil and trouble? Well it is October after all! 🎃 This podcast brings you double trouble with Ash and Han teaming up to tell you how to use personas in your L&D function.

Over the last couple of months, we've spoken a LOT about personas, how to create them, why you need them and much more. But in this episode of the marketing for learning® podcast, we're gonna tell you how to use personas in your L&D function. 

In this pod we cover how:

  • L&D's current approach to marketing (and using personas) conflicts with the drive for self-driven learning. 
  • You can reflect and focus on your audiences wants, needs, fears and pain points in your marketing. 
  • Relying solely on demographic data will be limiting your marketing for learning success!

Happy listening guys 🍍


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