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Episode 59


Sept 21, 2023
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Episode 59 Essential Skills For Success

In this podcast, Ash talks you through her recent session from Learning Live and highlights the 6 essential marketing skills that every L&Der should focus on to accelerate their success.

With less than 30% of entry level L&D teams having marketing and communication skills in their wheelhouse, we know there will be many components to marketing that you may not think about as a learning professional. So today we will hone in on the 6 key skills which are an important starting point:

  • Mindset - Why it is important to understand who the learner is - their wants and needs.

  • Commercially focused - Focusing on the bottom line and aligning with business goals.

  • Copywriting - The importance of writing to influence and persuade.

  • Design skills - How we can tell a story through colour and images.

  • Data - The impact data has on driving performance.

  • Resilience - Why it is important to be proactive instead of reactive.

So to learn more about these six skills, grab a notebook & pen and start your learning with this bite-sized pod. Enjoy!


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