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Episode 34


Nov 24, 2022
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Ep 34 Programme trap

When it comes to marketing for learning® L&D often falls into one big trap: marketing solely on an event-by-event basis. For example, you’ve got a new programme launch coming up, so you market it. You have a new learning platform being released, so you market it. You purchased a new content library for your employees, so you market it. This leads to a staggered, ad-hoc approach to marketing your L&D offering – that quite simply does not move the needle.

In this podcast, Ash explains why:

  • This events-based approach should stop, and how it’s hindering L&D’s success.

  • L&D should start focusing on the bigger picture.

  • Understanding the emotional drivers of their target audience and answering the ‘What’s in it for me?” question is paramount in marketing for L&D.

So if you find yourself marketing your L&D offering on a programme-by-programme basis, give this podcast a listen, and we’re sure you’ll change your ways!


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