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Episode 20


Apr 26, 2022
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Ep 20 Demand Gen

If you build it, they will come. NO Kevin. No. Field of Dreams has been misleading us all, and in this episode Ashley explores why this mindset is causing us all measure of issues in L&D.

In this podcast, Ash covers how brands are building demand, and why she believes it's absolute madness that L&D thinks creating a tech ecosystem is enough to excite and engage learners. She suggests doing pure demand generation to build trust with learners and ultimately engage with them on a long-term journey.

So what is demand generation? Well demand gen is about making your product or service impossible to resist. It’s about building brand awareness, educating your people, and ultimately driving conversions. And you might be thinking ‘what on earth has this got to do with learning?!’ but the truth is, you need to create demand from your target audience too.

All too often L&D assumes they can create learning experiences and learners will simply just engage, with no prompt or encouragement. And in this podcast, Ash tells you all the reasons this mindset needs to get in the bin.

We’ll admit, it’s a bit of a ranty episode, but some good meaty chunks in there 🍖 Enjoy!


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