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Episode 38


Jan 27, 2023
hosted by Hannah Waddams

Positioning is a critical aspect of marketing and branding, but it’s an area that is all too often overlooked by L&Ders when it comes to marketing for learning. A positioning statement “is a brief description of a product or service and an explanation of how it fulfils a particular need of the target market.” So, the goal of an L&D positioning statement is to focus your marketing efforts with your learning offering.

But the chances are you’ve never created a positioning statement before. So, Han’s here to save the day, and help you develop a positioning statement for your L&D function.

In this podcast Han:

  • Demonstrates the power of a positioning statement by using Nike as a case study.

  • Highlights the four key areas that your positioning statement should cover.

  • Speaks about the importance of keeping your target audience front of mind when developing your L&D positioning statement.

  • Gives you a fool-proof template to help you create your own statement today.

Happy listening!


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