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Episode 25

Data in L&D: An interview with NilesNolen

Jul 17, 2022
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Data in L&D - NilesNolen

“Data in L&D is like teenage sex. Everyone's talking about it. But no one is doing it.” – Amanda Nolen.

Yeah. Let that sink in for a minute… But we couldn’t agree more with this absolutely fabulous metaphor from Amanda Nolen in our podcast interview with NilesNolen. And truthfully, it sets the scene for the rest of this incredible interview with Amanda and Lori Niles-Hoffman.

Other than a myriad of metaphors, this podcast brings you a real expert insight into the L&D industry, from two industry stalwarts. We discuss all things data in L&D including:

  • The questions you should be asking when collecting L&D data – in order to get information that will really impact your business.

  • The shift in L&D – to follow in marketing’s footsteps – and start considering the entire learning experience.

  • The difference between being data-led and data-informed organisations. (And the awkward acronym that Lori quickly binned when she started considering data-informed organisations!)

So grab a brew and settle in – because this might just be the best podcast you listen to about Data in L&D. Enjoy!

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