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Episode 24


Jun 23, 2022
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Ep 24 Compliance is ruining our fun

Compliance training. It’s a quarrelsome topic, right? We often find ourselves in conversations with our clients about whether it should sit under L&D, or if it is better placed in Operations. Rather than improving outcomes for the organisation and its people (which is the primary goal of L&D), compliance training is focused on butt-covering and tick-boxing, making sure businesses are safeguarded against auditors. But no matter how much we challenge it, it is a fact that compliance training sits under L&D for most organisations – and it’s ruining our fun (and impacting learner engagement!)

In this podcast, Ash discusses compliance training and its impact on learner engagement, including:

  • The difference between the force-fed nature of compliance training, and the dull, dry learner experience it usually provides.

  • How the impressions our target audience have of compliance training get passed over to wider L&D initiatives, tarring all learning with the same brush.

  • The importance of L&D remaining focused on impacting behaviour, improving performance, reskilling, and upskilling employees, and helping businesses solve very complex training and skills challenges that exist in the current climate.

So if you’re pondering the impact compliance training is having on your L&D efforts, give this podcast a listen to – and then maybe it time for a chat with the Operations team. Happy listening!


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