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Episode 60


Sept 28, 2023
MAAS Services Learning Comms Plans
hosted by Ash & Han

Settle in for a slightly different episode today… a cry for transparency within the L&D space. In this episode, Ash and Han are joined by the incredible Amanda Nolen, co-founder of NilesNolen, to discuss all things ethical thinking, analysts, and bias within the L&D community.

This episode allows us to understand the key questions we must ask to create a trustworthy relationship with not only our consumers, but with the wider industry. And most importantly the 3 key rules to follow to be a more ethical L&Der - being clear, conspicuous, and transparent.

In this podcast, Ash, Han and Amanda explore:

  • Why as an industry we feel the need to hide things such as key disclosure as to what is and isn't an ad.

  • The Advertising Standards Authority rules around influencers, the sanctions influencers may face if they don’t play by the rules.

  • How it is up to us as the buyers to ask questions and be vocal – championing transparency in the L&D space.

This discussion will definitely get you thinking about the posts you see online – particularly on LinkedIn. So sorry about that in advance! 🙃 Enjoy!


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