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Episode 45

UX design in learning & development

Mar 21, 2023
MAAS Services Learning Comms Plans
hosted by Ash & Han

Ready to level up your marketing for learning® game? Then it’s time to consider the user experience (UX) design of your entire learning experience. In this podcast, Ash and Han sit down with a very special guest, Paula Hughes, to get her thoughts on user-centred design in learning.

The truth is, it's not enough to just pump out content and expect your people to embrace it. (But you knew that already, right…?) Now is the time to get under the skin of your people and start to understand what motivates them. And then identify how your learning intervention can help them reach their personal and professional goals.

But what role does UX design play in this?

In this podcast, Ash, Han, and Paula spill the tea on using UX design to level up your learning experiences. Including:

  • How you can use the value proposition canvas to uncover hidden learning needs and start honest conversations.

  • Why mapping out happy and unhappy paths in the learning journey will make sure you engage your entire target audience.

  • How UX design will enable you to keep even the most disinterested learner engaged.

Happy listening!


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