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Episode 14


Feb 10, 2022
hosted by Hannah Waddams
Episode 14 Influencers

Influencer marketing is a fantastic way of amplifying your message throughout your organisation, with the use of a channel that your target audience are more likely to be engaged with or receptive to. But influencer marketing isn’t just about finding a random person in your organisation and giving them a script. There’s a magic formula that makes influencer marketing work in L&D, and in this podcast, Han shares it with you (ain’t she nice?!)

Getting influencer marketing right comes down to three very important things:

  1. Choosing an influencer with a high level of admiration from your target audience.

  2. Ensuring your chosen influencer is someone your target audience aspires to be like.

  3. Whether influencer marketing is the right approach to take for the message you’re trying to convey – because it’s not for everyone!

So if you think influencer marketing might be right for your organisation, give this podcast a listen to, and get a head start!


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