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Episode 7


Nov 10, 2021
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
Episode 7 SFD

“I could have written a short letter, but I didn’t have the time” — French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal (apparently), 1657. Yep. All the way back in the 1600, people acknowledged the length of time that it takes to edit and refine communications.

But knowing L&Ders (yep, I’m looking at you, dear reader), you don’t even have this problem. Your problem is you sit staring at a blank page, with an idea in your head, frozen by analysis paralysis. And that’s why in this podcast Ash is introducing you to the sh*tty first draft. (Soz, there’s no other way of putting it!)

The SFD can be seen as a brain dump. All your thoughts, feelings and ideas chucked down on a page. No worrying about grammar, spelling or if you can start a sentence with ‘but’. (And hey, they’re super useful if you want to reply to an irksome email from an annoying colleague 🙃)

In this super short and snappy podcast. Ash gives you her top tips for getting started on your learning communications with the SFD.


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