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Episode 63

Mirjam Neelen & Evidence-Based Strategies

Oct 17, 2023
Ashley Headshot
hosted by Ashley Sinclair
EP 64 Mirjam Neelen

Cor. What a chat. Ashley was lucky enough to be joined by Mirjam Neelen, Head of Global Learning Design and Learning Sciences at Novartis recently. Mirjam has been working in L&D for over 15 years and is an incredibly data-led L&Der - she's a champion for learning sciences and how we can use data to drive impact and make better informed decisions overall.

It's a fascinating discussion on how we structure our learning functions and how, whether using data, can actually have a positive impact on our approaches. And also: 

  • Explores evidence-informed learning and trends in L&D, emphasising the importance of improving user experiences, content relevance, and a clear learning strategy.
  • Highlights the benefits of repurposing and building on what we already have, addresses the issue of content overload, and why it's important to align learning content with employee needs.
  • Discusses the challenges of evaluating success in the learning function, the persistence of learning myths like learning styles and the Myers-Briggs test, and the significance of considering the science of how people learn while designing content.

Oft, it's a corker. Enjoy! 🎧


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