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Episode 29


Sept 09, 2022
hosted by Hannah Waddams
Ep 29 Mini Masters Strategy

📢📢📢 Roll up, roll up! For the third edition of the mini masterclass series! 📢📢📢

This week’s edition of the mini masterclass series is all about two words that usually makes L&Ders run and hide… marketing strategy. But have no fear, in this bite-sized podcast Han demystifies marketing strategies for L&D, and gives you all her top tips, including:

  • How to take your marketing strategy from good to great by ensuring your audience is at the heart of it throughout.

  • Why benchmarking your current performance is a critical element of your strategy and your ongoing marketing for learning® success.

  • Using a Value Proposition Canvas to map out your audience’s wants, needs, fears and pain points – and pairing that with your learning offering.

  • Competition in L&D (because yes, you do have competition, even if you’re the only internal corporate learning function!)

So settle in to learn all about marketing strategies in learning – and walk away with a clear understanding of how to create your own strat!


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