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Episode 19


Apr 19, 2022
hosted by Hannah Waddams
Ep 18 Data Analytics Testing

Often when we speak to people about data, analytics or testing, they give us a look as though we’ve just told them we like pineapple on pizza. (We love pineapples, but they don't belong on pizza… #sorrynotsorry!) So in this podcast, Han bites the bullet and talks about all things data, analytics and testing in marketing for learning.

In this podcast Han talks about how we use data in our projects, not only to prove our success to stakeholders, but to identify what works for our audiences. Because without measuring, testing, or analysing our data – we might be wasting time and effort on things that don't resonate with our target audience.

Listen to this podcast to learn how you can use data, analytics and testing in your marketing for learning efforts, including:

  • A/B testing in email marketing (even without fancy marketing tech!)

  • How you can avoid vanity metrics in your analysis (especially on social media).

  • Using UTM links or bit.ly to learn more about your audience’s behaviour.

So if you’re ready to improve your marketing for learning performance, give this podcast a listen to learn how data and analytics can help!


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