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Ashley Headshot
written by Ashley Sinclair
May 09, 2022

MAAS Marketing Finalist In North East Business Awards

Marketing for learning

Because one award just isn't enough

Following on our recent win at the LPI Awards in the ‘Start-up Learning Provider of the Year’ category, I'm absolutely delighted to announce that MAAS Marketing has been shortlisted for yet another award. This time, we’re finalists in the ‘Newcomer of the Year’ category at the North East Business Awards. More shiny stuff ahoy!

Newcomer of the Year 2022

For those of you that don’t know MAAS, we started in October 2019 and have been rapidly growing the since. We have worked with over 50 different businesses across eleven countries (phew!), and have a growing Rolodex of well-known, global brands that we’re lucky enough to call clients. This business-focused award aims to recognise businesses that are innovative, growth-oriented, profitable and different. Most importantly, they must be delivering real impact for their customers.

Well, we certainly fit the criteria then eh?

As you'll know, our business is a unique offering to the world of learning. In fact, we’re the world’s only marketing agency that’s exclusively focused on learning. Noice

Starting from humble beginnings

We're going to be honest. We started with nothing. Absolutely nothing (oh yeah, crack out that tiny violin for us). That ol’ bank balance was sat firmly at £0. Zilch. Zippo. But since then, well, we’ve certainly made some progress.

Here’s just a small snapshot of what we’ve accomplished in a few short years:

  • Increased headcount to five full-time, permanent employees
  • Running a fully remote workforce - and we will continue this way forevermore
  • Generating an overall profit margin of 59% for 21/22
  • Working with clients across the globe and delivering innovative marketing-focused solutions that get results
  • Launched our very own Marketing for Learning podcast in November 2021. We’ve had nearly 5000 downloads so far, from 65 countries (wow!)
  • Created a Marketing MAASterclass course, which will be welcoming its first cohort at the end of May
  • We survived Covid (honestly, I think this is worth celebrating)

In one year we’ve been invited to speak about #marketingforlearning on many industry recognised platforms and podcasts. I recently offered the keynote speech to kick off the annual ‘We Love Learning’ event and also spoke at the Great British Businesswomen Forum in October 2021. I was even shortlisted as a Top Marketing Leader in the Elearning Industry’s Marketing Leader Awards. As a result, we’ve seen a 57% increase in website traffic YoY.

In a nutshell: we’ve been busy. We need a nappy naps ? (but we won’t take one). #standard

Hear it from our customers

All of our success is down to the incredible relationships we’ve built with our customers. In fact, did you know that 65% of our customers come back for more? No you wouldn’t, cos we’ve literally just told you. But now you know.

Don’t believe that we’re getting amazing results for our customers? We think our longstanding NPS score of 100 says a lot (eighteen months and counting). But if that’s not enough, let’s share some recent feedback from customers:

"We have worked with a number of marketing teams but they have not really understood our market and often only provide advice. MAAS really knows the learning industry and could guide with expertise. Secondly, they provided really practical advice and guidance. It was like finding a needle in a haystack."
"MAAS Marketing have been amazing - honestly the first time in the history of our business where we worked with someone who gave us proper marketing intelligence on our business and then helped us put all the foundations and framework in place to solve our gaps. Lovely team and really helped us translate the strategy in our heads to what we needed to do in reality."

If you know us, you’ll know one thing (well apart from our frankly unhealthy obsession with pineapples and WIIFM). We’re working hard to empower and educate the L&D industry on #marketingforlearning. We’re relentlessly passionate about the positive impacts marketing can have, not only on learning outcomes but overall learning culture too. And we’re absolutely delighted that this commitment to our world is getting noticed.

Cor! What a coup! The winners will be announced on the 23rd of June 2022 and we are hoping to collect some more silverware (or more accurately, goldwear ?)

Ashley Headshot
written by Ashley Sinclair

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