Warner Music

Bespoke workshops designed to upskill a global learning and development team and help them
introduce marketing thinking, strategies and capabilities to their learning initiatives.



Warner Music Group is a multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate with offices all across the world. Managing artists such as Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa and Eric Clapton, the record label employs around 5,500 people globally.,

Warner Music has a multitude of different record labels and working cultures, so delivering a unified learning experience is not a straightforward task. Getting learners connected and engaged is even harder. They knew they needed to consider how they could introduce marketing for learning to their L&D team to get their people learning and improve performance.

As part of an innovative overhaul of their current learning department and approach, it was critical the entire L&D team embraced new ways of doing and thinking. And so they asked us to step in and start the spark.



Warner Music’s team was looking to be inspired. To innovate. To break the mould and start to do things differently. Therefore the core aim of our bespoke workshops was to introduce the world of marketing to their learning function

They called it awesome. We called it marketing for learning. 

Anyway…we collaborated closely with Josh Novelle, Global Head of Learning Design & Technologies, to understand the current capabilities of his team, as well as identify the key skills gaps we wanted to tackle within the workshops. 

Exploring areas such as learning campaigns, copywriting, branding and more, our workshops were completely aligned with the team’s current understanding of marketing, so as to ensure maximum impact.



Spanning over four weeks, we delivered a series of hour-long bespoke workshops to Warner Music’s UK and US learning teams. We even got a bit cheeky and did some learning theory: we executed a flipped classroom exercise, assigning the teams pre-reading and homework in between the sessions to bolster learning transfer and make what they learned in our sessions stick. 

By using real-life examples of marketing the L&D team had already undertaken, and showing where opportunities lay, we were able to deliver engaging sessions which really resonated with our audience. 

Josh kindly said some rather nice bits about our collaboration:

“I started conversations with MAAS because I wanted our UK and US L&D teams to solidify and embrace our brand new learning culture. MAAS’ collaborative approach meant the workshops delivered were bespoke to our understanding of marketing and provided the necessary context to help us embrace new ways of doing and thinking.

The end result was a learning team who left feeling motivated, inspired and hungry to explore how marketing for learning could help with adoption and engagement within our global learning function.”

And look. Whilst we know smile sheets aren’t always the best measurement of impact, the team absolutely loved the sessions. All attendees said they’d join us again (that’s nice, isn’t it?) We also asked them: “On a scale of zero to ten, how useful did you find the Marketing For Learning sessions?. You guessed it, 10/10. Bazinga.

What a cool experience. Thanks for letting us be a part of your team for even a short while Warner Music. 

P.S. We’re still waiting for that signed record from Ed….is it in the post?

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