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Ashley Headshot
written by Ashley Sinclair
Jul 04, 2023

Ask Us Anything - Live Podcast

News & Nonsense

Bring your burning questions to our marketing experts🔥

If you’re familiar with the folks at MAAS, you’ll know that we love giving our knowledge away. Sharing is truly caring, and that’s why we’re getting together to give you an opportunity to have Ash and Han answer your unanswered questions in a unique 'Ask Us Anything' format. 

WHEN: July 20th, 3pm BST

You can bring whatever questions you like. Questions such as:

We will answer anything you ask - so bring your weird, wonderful and (hopefully) marketing-related questions to us. It’s that simple #freestuffFTW. Just pop your deets in the form below and leave the rest up to us!

Join us - July 20th, 3pm BST

Once you're registered we'll ping you the Zoom link and we can all learn together as a collective, yaaaaaas!!!

Ashley Headshot
written by Ashley Sinclair

from the blog

from the blog