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TMA World is a global supplier of cultural intelligence and collaborative learning solutions. As with many platforms designed to evolve internal business cultures, the consistent and regular usage of their system is integral to its long-term adoption and success.

The team at TMA World wanted to ensure their customers knew how to best reach their dispersed workforce and compel them to use their products: County Navigator and Digital Campus. Their primary objective was to increase usage and engagement with their platforms through learning campaigns – without putting extra load on their customers. The goal was to provide customers with the tools and strategies necessary to make this simple, easy and straightforward.

They needed a platform launch plan and engagement campaign, complete with dynamic, engaging content to deliver to their customers.

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Hans Van Der Linden, Chief Operating Officer, explains why TMA World chooses MAAS over and over again for their marketing services.

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After several initial discovery sessions to better understand TMA World’s clients, needs and goals for the engagement, MAAS Marketing developed a communication plan which made use of the key channels their audiences had including:

  • Email
  • Intranet
  • Social messaging channels

MAAS developed a structured boilerplate of content and releases which customers could use without the need for adaptation, therefore increasing adoption with customers and indeed their learners. By providing their clients with a range of digital assets and content, supported by a clear communication plan, the TMA World team were able to deliver real opportunities for better audience engagement to their customers.

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We developed a clear communications plan for both the Country Navigator and Digital Campus platforms, designed for L&D teams who had only foundational marketing knowledge. The plan was complemented by modern visual assets and content which could be used by TMA World customers to share with their learners.

Bespoke content was created to generate interest, trigger emotional responses and consistently drive awareness of the platforms with audiences. Content created included:

  • Full, templated communication plan
  • Imagery for use on an LMS, in social channels and in emails
  • Copy examples for email

These assets helped to provoke interest, increase usage of the platforms and further embed the platforms as integral to cultural intelligence and global inclusion. TMA World has already rolled this launch and annual comms plan to their global clients to great success.

In turn, learners are using the platforms more and their customers are becoming even more embedded in their products. It’s a win/win with content and campaigns.

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