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StoryTagger is a burgeoning learning technologies business providing video-based learning opportunities for clients such as Adidas, IKEA, Specsavers and EDF Energy. Their smart tech allows their customers to capture and crowdsource critical knowledge from employees via selfie videos and share it.

After a significant period of growth, the leadership team at StoryTagger were continuing to evolve their product, and with a looming industry-leading event, wanted to drive wider awareness of their product to generate demand and increase footfall at the upcoming exhibition.

They engaged Maas Marketing for a two month period to develop and deliver a leading demand generation campaign, focused on driving demand and increasing brand reach.


Cheryl Clemons, Owner, explains why StoryTagger selected MAAS Marketing to support them in their campaign.



The StoryTagger team was keen to raise awareness of who they are and better leverage their unique value proposition in the market. Initially, the team at Maas Marketing undertook a full digital audit of StoryTagger’s current presence, to better understand performance and identify opportunities.

This process highlighted several areas where the team could maximise their performance. The StoryTagger website lacked any top-of-the-funnel content, which meant they were missing chances to connect with target audiences early, foster emotional connections and be present throughout their buying process.

A results-focused, multi-channel marketing campaign was needed to really extend the abilities of the StoryTagger team and raise wider awareness of the brand.

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This campaign leveraged a wide variety of channels including email, social media, content, automation and, ultimately focused on driving the acquisition of leads at the top of the funnel through one primary lead magnet.

The main goals of the campaign included:

  • Increase number of leads generated through the website
  • Improve customer journey on the website, optimised for conversion
  • Use automation to fuel sales engine beyond a marketing campaign
  • Extend brand reach and visibility

The lead magnet created comprised of an array of content which had the target audience in mind. It focused on being useful to the lead and ultimately helped to position StoryTagger as an expert in their field (in this case, selfie videos). As well as the lead magnet, a variety of supporting assets were created to be used across a variety of digital channels:

  • Engaging, provoking social media imagery
  • Blog content, with an emphasis on SEO
  • CRM marketing
  • Email, marketing automation and lead nurturing
  • Webinars

This campaign successfully enabled the StoryTagger team to begin to capture more leads at the top of the funnel, and more importantly, start to think more holistically about their marketing function and their target audiences. The team have been provided with a templated approach which they can reuse and adapt time and time again, meaning they are more capable than ever and able to drive better impact as a result.

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