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The L&D Conference is pioneering a new way in the world of conferences: offering attendees six weeks to learn from speakers, it’s a unique proposition for the world of learning. As a brand new conference, organisers knew they needed to get as many eyes as possible on the event in order to reach their goal of attracting a large, global audience.

This was unknown territory – would the industry embrace their new pioneering ways? 

The L&D Conference team engaged with MAAS due to its unique balance of industry expertise and marketing pizazz (their words, not ours). Within two weeks an inspiring and easily recognisable brand, visual style, logo and website was developed.  MAAS also saw a very clear need to establish trust with target audiences because the conference was completely unknown and registration is entirely transactional. 

After all, when you’re asking for people to part with their cold-hard cash straight away, they’ve gotta trust you.

Why Us?

Will Thalheimer, Director, explains why his team chose to work with MAAS.

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MAAS developed a tactical marketing strategy and communications plan which focused on rapid increases in reach as well as working hard to establish trust amongst the L&D Conference’s target audiences.

The brand was entirely unknown, had no CRM or conference mailing list and no real marketing budget – so where do you start?

Unique to the conference is nearly 30 global speakers, each with their own personal network on LinkedIn. We recognised that these speakers and their networks would be integral to not only launching the conference but building trust with something which was entirely alien to most people. As well as developing an attention-grabbing promotional video, MAAS worked hard to quickly build connections with speakers to share a variety of selfie videos created by them.

User-generated content was intentionally used here for several reasons including:

  • Content created by well-known influencers helps to build trust and gravitas in the brand
  • Natural selfie video content feels more authentic and real, further compounding the feeling of trust with the brand

A short, exciting promo video was also created to further generate buzz. Check it out below:



The L&D Conference website was launched in early April, just two weeks after the engagement started. Since then, the focus has been on increasing audience reach and engagement and getting conference registrations. With budget and resource tight, this has been done using only a handful of marketing channels: email, LinkedIn and a website.

As well as implementing a video marketing strategy which makes use of UGC from the speakers, MAAS also conceptualised a ‘free ticket competition’, urging those wanting to come to make their own videos explaining why they deserve a free ticket. Straightforward, but highly effective.

There have already been some incredible submissions and these posts from those not in our network continue to amplify and build emotional ties to the brand. Our marketing efforts  resulted in:

  • Over 350 attendees to the conference’s inaugural event (original goal was 50)
  • ~19,000 website sessions (April – July), 84.5% new visitors and over 48,000 page views
  • Over 1000 new followers on LinkedIn and 210,000 page impressions
  • A new brand and visual identity, which will be used globally for years to come

This project is far from over – but the success speaks for itself. The organisers now have an established, globally recognised brand which has driven huge impact in a very short time

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